Chiodos frontman Craig Owens emphatically told AP that in no way was Devil intended to be the “true” follow-up to the band’s benchmark release, 2007’s Bone Palace Ballet. He’s right, because on Devil, Chiodos aren’t settling for anything less than world domination. Producer Dave Bottrill has molded Chiodos’ vision into a cohesive arc of power, finesse, quirks and accessibility in equal measures. Their patented Broadway steampunk signifiers couched in metal (“Sunny Days & Hand Grenades,” “Expensive Conversations In Cheap Motels”) rule, but there are plenty of accessible gestures (“3 AM,” “I Am Everything That’s Normal”) that fall outside the post-hardcore/screamo vistas they helped build. “Duct Tape” is as bombastic as anything AFI have done in recent memory, while “Under Your Halo” is genius FM pop-metal that’s equal parts That ’70s Show and The Black Parade. Watch them make good on their promise.


“Under Your Halo”