Code Orange’s ‘Forever’ is unexpected at every turn

January 13, 2017
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Code Orange


ROCKS LIKE: Converge, Knocked Loose, Deftones

WHAT'S DIFFERENT: Imagine being invited to bear witness to a satanic ceremony. That’s what Forever sounds like, in the best way possible. Upon hearing this record, it will be a hard task to find another collection of songs so menacing, so real and so punishing as those gathered here. It’s otherworldly, it’s life and death, and it rocks you to your core.  

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Those who cling to first impressions may have already sorted Code Orange into one particular category of hardcore, but Forever goes out of its way to prove those people wrong. This album is unexpected at every turn, so much so that one track can feel like it spans an entire lifetime. It’s unnerving, exhilarating and surprising, and after one listen, “What the fuck just happened?” will be the only appropriate response.

OUR PICK: “Kill The Creator”


Written by Taylor Markarian