Common Existence

Watching modern-day screamo sextet Thursday go through their renaissance during the past few years has been nothing short of inspiring. Common Existence is the metaphorical cherry on top of a continually solid, creative output that has allowed the band to progress on their own terms. Having returned to producer Dave Fridmann, who also handled 2006’s A City By The Light Divided, Thursday have delivered an album that is sonically similar to ACBTLD, yet is able to jump from slash-and-burn epics (“Resuscitation Of A Dead Man,” “As He Climbed The Dark Mountain”) to huge, eerie washes of sound (“Time’s Arrow”) to ’90s-throwback post-hardcore (“Friends In The Armed Forces”) with ease. There are no singles, and that’s probably the way the band like it. Common Existence cements Thursday as not only the forefathers of the scene, but also the reigning kings.