While their contemporaries may opt for subtler synth lines and catchy riffs, Crossfaith use programming as intensely as metal technicality on APOCALYZE. Programmer Tmaano Terufumi breaks out dubstep tropes like low-end wobbles and drops, but don't expect glowing hula hoops over jumpkicks in a Crossfaith pit anytime soon. The electronics leave you feeling more like you're inside a violent arcade game than on a dance floor, clean vocals are scarce and the closest thing you get to a slow song is “Counting Stars”—an illusion created by dreamy female guest vocals. That energy makes it feel like there's too much going on, leading to songs blending structurally, downplaying hooks. But the chaotic nature of APOCALYZE is what Crossfaith want to showcase, perhaps at the sacrifice of the broader audience they could reach.

The End

“Burning White”