If songs that start with an emo white guy proclaiming “yo” before zipping into hip-hop rhymes sounds like a good time, and if you have a weak spot for classic Linkin Park, Dangerkids are probably going to be your new favorite band. As gimmicky as it sounds to be doing the Linkin Park thing in 2013, Dangerkids mastermind Tyler Smyth has admitted that he’s unabashedly influenced by one of rap-rock’s most recognizable names. This isn’t all copycats and homage, though; Dangerkids mix modern elements of electronica and metalcore into rap-rock, which at first seems a bit disjointed and weird, but soon settles into a comfortable roar that hits all the sweet spots in the metal/hardcore/emo realm. Yes, “Unmade” is a straight-up sensitive power ballad, but even at his most vulnerable moments, Smyth manages to rise above the schlock with earnest lyrics and ample confidence. Throwing the words “Linkin Park” into the lyrics of the heavy rocking track “Light Escapes” was a moment of premeditated genius on Smyth’s part: if you’re going to ape your heroes, you might as well be completely upfront about it. It seems Smyth’s ultimate goal was to expand upon the sound of a band he grew up idolizing and then seamlessly mix in elements of modern metalcore, and, goddamn, he’s succeeded.

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“Waking Up”