Death Dreams EP

FILE UNDER: Formidable deathcore from Down Under

ROCKS LIKE: The Acacia Strain, Blood Of The Martyrs, Hollow Earth

WHAT’S DIFFERENT: Australian deathcore dynamos Daybreak continue to push the envelope on Death Dreams, the band’s latest EP offering. Stretching out the strongholds of their palpable doom and djent predilections, the band clear a space for some spine-tingling atmospherics and ruefully adorned passages, all while staying true to their deathly form. Just have a listen to the raga-leaning guitar embellishments on “The Possessor,” or the distant drones and static squeals of “Outcast.” Don’t mistake Daybreak’s metalcore maturity as an absence of the heavy, however: Death Dreams is probably one of the most bone-crushing releases of the year.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Because Daybreak are shoring up the current wave of meaningful but merciless metal. As a young band with all the talent and insight to burst through a seemingly flagging genre, the group’s compact compositions present a force and nuance that could leave a lasting imprint on the scene. Vocalist Shaun Cox’s growls (and anxious, darkness-driven lyrics) have all the thoughtful rage necessary for the approach, but the tastefully streamlined arrangements from guitarists Brodie Wilson and Blake Pearce, drummer Sam Warren and bassist Liam Webster create a sense of meticulous dread that isn’t easy to fake. We can’t wait to hear a full-length record from these guys.

OUR PICK: “The Possessor”