Last Days Of Rome EP

Initially conceived as a collaborative effort between bassist Gary Cioni (ex-Crime In Stereo) and drummer Pat Schramm (Bridge And Tunnel, ex-Latterman), Daytrader drip with enthusiasm for an era of punk not long gone from the minds of these two dudes. When Crime In Stereo called it a day last fall after releasing the incredibly ambitious I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone, Daytrader were suddenly the focus of a lot of “back to their roots” excitement from bummed-out fans. And, and it turns out, the focus paid off. Daytrader’s debut EP, Last Days Of Rome, alternates between songs that sound like missing gems from Saves The Day’s Through Being Cool and Further Seems Forever’s The Moon Is Down, with vocalist Tym (no last name given) making his mark on the band’s twisting song structure with an incredible range and passionate delivery. While his vocal style is obviously gleaned from the School Of Two Chrises (Conley and Carrabba), there’s no embarrassingly nasal delivery, making for a unique set of songs that are forthright in acknowledging their influences but don’t attempt a carbon copy. Ultimately, Last Days Of Rome sounds like five guys trying to recreate something pure, fast and enjoyable from their youth—and totally succeeding.

Run For Cover

“Kill My Compass”