Deep Sleep

Turn Me Off


Deep Sleep's first official studio album, Turn Me Off, comes after releasing a near-annual trio of promising 7-inch EPs for niche hardcore label Grave Mistake. Their full-length debut doesn't change their m.o.: This is fast, no-nonsense melodic hardcore with brief, wanky riff wails modeled after Dag Nasty and earlyDescendents, though it's got a noticeably improved spitshined recording.

The influences are clear enough, but on certain tracks, they're practically spelled out. The cymbal-riding opening to “Destroy Everything” is surely nodding to Descendents' “I'm The One,” while “Nothing Inside” bears a power-chord salute to Black Flag's “Rise Above.” The title track even has a hint of the fast chug replicated by As Friends Rust's “Tied Like Strings,” but we'll chalk that last one up to coincidence.

However the band cut it, it's all done with astounding brevity. These 10 tracks span just over 13 minutes total, and while the band could have found room to refine their hooks a little sharper, this romp through Deep Sleep's record collection is both enjoyable and short enough to prevent listeners from even trying to abide by its title's advice.

Grave Mistake

“Be With You”