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Pentimento Pentimento

December 06 2012, 10:02 AM EST

Pentimento - Pentimento

Pentimento Pentimento

Pentimento - Pentimento

Released: November 13, 2012 Self-released

This review originally ran in AP 293.

The rough-around-the-edges sound of Pentimento’s previous efforts (2011’s Wrecked EP and March’s split with Young English) is decidedly more polished on their self-titled full-length debut, but the passion and spirit remain. Pentimento continue to blur the lines between punk and hardcore (“For Winter,” “The Wind”) and even showcase their slightly softer side with “Circles,” a track reminiscent of early Brand New with its sparse lyrics and simple guitar work. “Subtle Words” features a string section that moves with lead singer Jermiah Pauly’s voice, from hushed to powerful. Pentimento may be a punk-rock album, but it’s far from the thrashing guitars and aggressive vocals often associated with the genre. If Pentimento are part of the new school of punk, then there’s a lot to look forward.