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Children 18:3 Rain's A Comin'

July 06 2010, 5:09 PM EDT Robert Ham

Children 18:3 - Rain’s A Comin’

Children 18:3 Rain's A Comin'

Children 18:3 - Rain’s A Comin’

Released:June 29, 2010 Solid State

The second full-length by this all-sibling pop-punk trio from Minnesota feels like the fulfilling of a promise. After a pair of decent self-released EPs and a debut album that showed signs of marked improvement, along comes Rain's A Comin', an intense, melodic and powerful collection of songs that sees the Hostetters leaping forward creatively. The supercharged anthems call to mind the SoCal punk scene as represented by Green Day and Blink-182, but tempered with the mature attack of Jawbreaker. Their lyrical themes express a depth of human emotion that does rely on their Christian faith for the answers to their struggles. But they aren't proselytizing (not in their songs anyway; the liner notes are a much different story). Children 18:3 are tapping into the universal angst and disappointment that we all have either dealt with or still in the swirl of. No matter what you believe in, there's much in their songs to take comfort in. That it's wrapped up in driving riffs and the tangy male/female vocals of David and Lee Marie Hostetter is just icing on the cake.