Everyone Dies In Utah

+//- (Polarities)

While an argument could always be made that the world doesn’t ever really need another band like Everyone Dies In Utah (or an album title like +//- (Polarities), for that matter), some significantly redeeming qualities can be found on the Texas post-hardcore band’s second album. Take “Simply Me//2,” for instance, one of the most heartfelt dark ballads since Grade were kicking heart-pounders out in suburban Ontario in the early 2000s. But the Meshuggah-like bottom-end breakdowns in a few of these tracks promise something heavier and more epic than the good-cop/bad-cop vocal posturings that always quickly follow. Give these guys credit for diving headfirst into their prog leanings and embracing the fact that while most of what they do might be goofy, some of it is pretty damn listenable in a world that has already moved on.

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“Factor X”