For Your Consideration

Alabama’s Evolett already have more going for them than most of the bands playing their slick brand of Paramore-esque emo marketed to teens, and it’s due to honesty. Now, really, who are we to judge which bands are playing from an honest place, and which ones aren’t? But the songwriting on For Your Consideration seems genuine, natural and definitely not preconceived. Whether it’s the delicate-yet-powerful groove-rock riffs of “Circles” and “We All Fall Down” or a more pop-oriented track (“Genetic Makeup”), Evolett’s songwriting chops are on full display. Add to the mix the production team of Terrible Things frontman Andy Jackson and his former Hot Rod Circuit bandmate Mike Poorman (Tsunami Bomb, Therefore I Am), and For Your Consideration sounds full and dynamic. The only drawback to the band is singer Haden Brightwell. Her vocals alternate between endearing and annoying; oftentimes they get whiny and don’t quite fit with the riff-laden songs. Throw in a little more nastiness in Brightwell’s voice and Evolett could be on the tip of every emo tween’s tongue.

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“The Portrait”