Flyleaf – Remember To Live EP

December 6, 2010
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Remember To Live EP


Remember To Live begins and ends with reworkings of previously released songs—“Arise,” from Flyleaf’s 2009 album Memento Mori, and “Justice & Mercy” from their Much Like Falling EP. The other five tracks are even older, some dating back to their days as Passerby. The EP—which will have to tide fans over for a while, as frontwoman Lacey Sturm is pregnant and planning to take time off from music to be a mom—showcases Flyleaf’s softer side; the crunching guitars and heavy drums of songs like “Again,” “Sorrow” and “Beautiful Bride” are totally absent. Some of these songs are so mellow, they could be Coldplay covers—and that’s not a bad thing. Only the “Arise” remix, which features programmed rhythms, has much aggression to it. The other six tracks are all slow ballads, but Sturm’s heartfelt croon is well suited to pretty much everything her bandmates throw at her. This may not be the anthemic rock Flyleaf fans have come to expect, but it’s impressive nonetheless.


“Amy Says”

Written by Phil Freeman