Graf Orlock drop suitably deranged movie-inspired album ‘Crime Traveler’

February 5, 2016
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Graf Orlock

Crime Traveler

Los Angeles’ Graf Orlock specialize in writing savage music born in the ’cores (hard-, grind-) with lyrics based on overblown Hollywood action movies. With Crime Traveler, they haven’t deviated from their blistering sonic niche, but this time the lyrics hinge around an unreleased movie written, directed and starring the band. The result is suitably deranged, and though the between-song samples often come across more like Grand Theft Auto skits, the music powers everything through. From the opening “Bad Cell Service On Conn Avenue” to the no-frills blasts of “Nursing A Hangover” or “Afternoon Lunch At The Red Bacchus” everything is set to destroy. Dig a little deeper and there’s a more substantial commentary than on first impression, but those just wanting a soundtrack to devastation need not concern themselves with such things. 


Afternoon Lunch At The Red Bacchus

Written by Dan Slessor