FILE UNDER: Infectious Pop Punk

ROCKS LIKE: Man Overboard, Light Years, ROAM

WHAT'S DIFFERENT: If you’re seeking your next pop-punk addiction, Grayscale will certainly oblige with Adornment. The Philadelphia-based five-piece honed in on what worked on past releases—raw storytelling and hooks—while fine-tuning their musicianship and introducing new tactics. Fresh additions include mixing it up with a guest vocalist (Patty Walters of labelmates As It Is on “Come Undone”) and delving into an acoustic-driven softer side (“Forever Yours,” “Slept”).

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The band nail everything from the infectious get-out-of-this-town dynamic (“Atlantic”) to the lovelorn (“Slipping Away”). Add in declarations of “I’d wear your blood like war paint” (“Let It Rain”) and “I wish I could cut myself out of my own skin” (“Come Undone”), and it's clear they accomplish what most strive for with lyrics: being both relatable and utterly memorable. 

OUR PICK: “Atlantic”