Greys – Drift EP

February 15, 2013
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Drift EP

One of an increasing number of bands that are looking to the noise-rock pioneers of the ’90s (Unsane, Hot Snakes, Chokebore) for inspiration, Greys do right by their forebears on this, their third consecutive EP in three years. Over the course of three blistering songs, the Toronto quartet find that tantalizing middle ground between the all-out assault of hardcore punk and the dynamics and power of hard rock. It’s a huge leap forward for the band, even after releasing an already impressive six-song EP in 2012 (Easy Listening). These songs sound fuller, more balanced and so much louder than the ones they unleashed just eight months ago. The guitars of Shehzaad Jiwani and Cam Graham snake around one another in a Fugazi-like rhythm/lead dance, and drummer Braeden Craig has come to understand that with music as rich as this, simplicity and force are the key components to making the strongest statement behind the kit. The band’s lyrical gaze have only gotten more steely and furious. They spend the course of “Drag” lamenting about the somewhat down years of their youth when they had “no teenage anthems,” as Jiwani opines before adding an extra bit of bile to the repeated chorus, “Hey, we’re late to the party!” That may be true, but you’re here now, and the rock universe is that much better with you in it.

Kind Of Like


Written by Robert Ham