Hawk Nelson

Crazy Love

Crazy Love starts off with a rollicking good time on “Tally-Ho,” a pop-punk anthem of pure bombast, akin to the premier moments of classic Blink-182. Those couple minutes of amped-up frolic don’t last, unfortunately, as Christian pop-punkers Hawk Nelson quickly digress into faux-electronics punk version 2.0 and, well, ultra G-rated Jesus worship. Although we are tempted to quote some of the more Jesus-friendly lyrics, it’s nothing you haven’t heard at the standard youth church group or on, say, the latest episode of Veggie Tales. These four ragamuffins also try their hand at lovey-dovey, save-the-world tracks like the title track (“We are the ones who dare to love our enemies”) and, uh, “We Can Change The World” (“I’ve seen hopelessness get swallowed up in hope”), to varying levels of gag reflex. Later, an ode to an ex-girlfriend, “Joanna,” hits that pop-punk peak where these guys seem to excel. Poppy, fun, harmonized cotton candy; pure, unadulterated saccharine. Embrace the sweet, dudes; just embrace the sweet.

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