Heavy Hearts

On A Chain

ROCKS LIKE: Brand New, Balance And Composure, Citizen

WHAT’S DIFFERENT: Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, four-piece Heavy Hearts’ new EP is a hard-hitting follow-up to their 2016 full-length, Bliss. The band maintain their captivating alt-rock blend, but On A Chain builds on the emo-laden energy they fostered on previous releases. Justin Glatt’s entrancing vocals are a mainstay, but Heavy Hearts delve into a new territory, complete with blistering, effects-laden guitars that bite harder (“Easy Mark”) and atmospheric instrumental ambiance like we’ve never heard before (“Headroom”).

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: These emo up-and-comers prove they’ve established an alt-rock formula with a seamless fusion of polished instrumentals and jagged vocals while managing to churn out a final result that’s far from stagnant. Layering emotionally charged lyrics over teeming instrumentals, Heavy Hearts have proven their steady growth with an electric final product that lingers in your bones long after listening.

OUR PICK: “Yur Head”

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