Here Lies Man

Here Lies Man

FILE UNDER: Afro-Latin Acid Funk

ROCKS LIKE: Brownout, Antibalas, Funkadelic

WHAT'S DIFFERENT: Guitarist/vocalist Marcos Garcia (of Brooklyn-based Afrobeat ensemble Antibalas) is exploring heavy acid funk with this new project. Fuzzed-out guitar and organ riffs thick as a mud-coated shag carpet lay on top of complex polyrhythms that’ll readjust your hipbones and give you whiplash from head-bobbing. Lyrics are kept to a minimum to keep the ear focused on what matters: the beat and the echoing psychedelic blare. There’s even a little bit of dub (“So Far Away”).

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Antibalas have been paying tribute to—and putting their own spin on—Nigerian Afrobeat for over 15 years. Here Lies Man displays equal reverence for ’70s Nigerian rockers like the Funkees and Ofo The Black Company.

OUR PICK: “Eyes Of The Law”