House Of Heroes


Despite having previously toured with Christian punk behemoths MxPx and Relient K, House Of Heroes have always flown under the radar. The group’s fourth full-length, Suburba, shows off what the masses have been missing: catchy pop songs with well-written lyrics. Suburba is loaded with tracks like “Disappear,” which starts off slowly with drums and vocals before leaping into a driving bridge full of galloping guitars backed by a mass of vocals. Suburba’s songs remain full of power while retaining the delicate touch of songwriting craftsmanship: “God Save The Foolish Kings” has a playful piano riff accompanying the verse that builds towards a large final chorus (“We're devils trying to earn our angels wings/We stumble at every turn indeed.”) Suburba showcases House Of Heroes’ strengths and should be garnering them new fans; if not, they’ll just keep being one of music’s hidden gems.