Hundredth – Let Go

September 29, 2011
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Let Go

Hundredth may not change the world with Let Go, but they’re certainly doing their damndest to foster and inculcate positivity in anyone who wraps their ears around it. Hardcore through and through, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina quintet blend the edginess of Comeback Kid, the all-out attack of Modern Life Is War and the compulsive melodies of Ignite to create an album that is overloaded with heart and unadulterated energy. From riot starters such as “I Hold The Key” to the meaner, bludgeoning “Carry On” and “Restless,” everything they do hits its intended mark—hard—yet for all their aggression, Let Go is frequently haunted by a more plaintive, aching tone. “Weathered Town” is a fine example of this, this feeling constantly bubbling below the surface before it culminates in a titanic melodic gang vocal chorus that takes the song to a whole different level. “Remain And Sustain” channels Small Brown Bike in its more melodic passages, another uproarious gang vocal charging its climax with an irresistible triumphant air, though it is perhaps the anthemic, soaring “Monumental Pt. 2” that is the perfect distillation of everything that makes them such a compelling proposition.

The band’s overt positivity is just as evident in their song titles (“Live Today,” “We Can Take Them All”) as it is in their lyrics. Certainly, some may find statements such as “Remember, hope is a reality” (from “Monumental Pt. 2”) a little trite, but the band are clearly looking at the world through jaded eyes and fighting the good fight. Nihilistic statements are eschewed in favor of motivating both themselves and their listeners to stand up and do something about the negativity surrounding them—a message that has typified hardcore for nearly 30 years and remains just as vital. Whether or not the lyrics are taken to heart or kids use the record solely as a soundtrack to leaping around with wild abandon, the fact remains Hundredth have hurled themselves wholeheartedly into doing what they love—and in the process, delivered a record that hopefully will inspire some of its intended demographic to get off their asses and do likewise


“Monumental Pt. 2”

Written by Dan Slessor