Hundredth – Resist EP

March 24, 2014
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Resist EP

Hundredth have proven to be one of the better bands of their ilk since breaking out with 2011's Let Go, playing a stripped-down strain of melodic, mid-tempo, metallic hardcore that draws from forebears like Shai Hulud (albeit with far less technicality) and Strongarm (though certainly less heavy). The second of a pair of thematically connected EPs (2013's very solid Revolt was the first), Resist does get bogged down by similarly vague sloganeering: The band don't elaborate much on protest tactics beyond the EP's title, though the closing track “Wage,” an instrumental set to a 1987 speech by Vietnam War vet/peace activist S. Brian Wilson, provides some research inspiration. There are a couple questionable musical choices, too: One riff in the title track borders on butt-rock, and there's a bizarre synth layer stalking the more introspective “Demons.” But Resist largely succeeds where the band's counterparts fail: Despite the potential butt-rockiness, the title track has a powerful, dynamic chorus, and “Manifest” weaves a tastefully intricate atmosphere, with a semi-spacey bridge partly reminiscent of the band's mid-2000s Christian post-hardcore predecessors (cf. Beloved, Hopesfall). 



Written by Brian Shultz