The second full-length by San Diego-based screamo act In Fear And Faith has a manly swagger despite the occasionally wimpy crooning and the synth melodies that seep around the edges of their distorted guitar riffing and gated, thwacking drums. At his best, clean vocalist Scott Barnes heads into the upper-register territory that's Coheed And Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez's base of operations, while bad cop Cody Anderson shrieks like a toddler denied a favorite toy–if that toddler was 6'8" and upwards of 250 pounds. Guitarist Ramin Niroomand is the band's power player, tearing up the fretboard like he's hoping to be recruited by a better, more ambitious band. Their use of keyboards and electronic rhythms sometimes yields intriguing results ("Pursuit," "Live Love Redeux"), but for the most part they're at their best when they're at their most metallic ("I Know You Know," "Enough Is Enough," "Let It Out").