Into It. Over It.


On his sophomore salute, Into It. Over It. songsmith Evan Weiss seems to be taking cues from his friend (and occasional bandmate) Mike Kinsella of Owen. Full band in hand, the songs remain geared toward his solo show. Breezy opener “New North-Side Air” finds Weiss speaking in code, yet intermittently letting us into his head (“At night I lay awake/Left to imagine your evenings/In more desirable states”). “A Curse Worth Believing” hums into frame, in no hurry to find the high notes we all know. The seemingly out of place “Spatial Exploration” wakes its more mellow neighbors, finding Weiss wailing, reminiscing about South Philadelphia. The record’s high peak, “Upstate Blues,” displays more Kinsella influence (this time Owls) in its jazzy bursts. But the clever wordplay is all Weiss. “Upstate blues/They could paint your room/Cold and gray/Like New York and you.”

Triple Crown

“Upstate Blues”