Into It. Over It.


This review originally ran in AP 279.

It’s likely that the Into It. Over It. most people have experienced has been in a live setting, with one guy and an acoustic guitar. Due to that, Proper is going to make Evan Weiss’ life a whole lot more difficult, but in the best possible way: Virtually the entire album is a full-band affair, and the bulk of these songs are straight-up rippers. Time signatures shift on a dime a la vintage Braid (“Fortunate Friends”), while songs are stacked with angular, Mock Orange-esque riffage (“An Evening With Ramsey Beyer”) and even a pick slide or two (“Discretion & Depressing People”). Proper doesn’t lack in energy, enthusiasm, passion or hooks—what it does lack is a, er, proper live band to tour on these compelling songs. Yo, Evan: Fix that, stat!

No Sleep

“Discretion & Depressing People”