Jenny And Johnny

I’m Having Fun Now

Jenny And Johnny are the adorable duo of Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis and her singer-songwriter boyfriend, Johnathan Rice. Comparisons to She & Him are inevitable, but it’s mostly due to the band’s indie boy-girl matchup, than for the music itself—though they do both share an affinity for all things retro. While She & Him go more for a sound that melds Phil Spector’s ’60s pop with Motown, Jenny And Johnny are more rock ’n’ roll, as evidenced on the jangly (and slightly garage rock-ish) lead single “Scissor Runner” —the two do indeed sound like they’re having fun. Unike She & Him, Jenny And Johnny usually share equal duties on vocals, whether it’s swapping verses, or vocally doubling up. This, along with their spacey, almost psychedelic production, makes Jenny And Johnny much more comparable to Fleetwood Mac, who they channel on the fantastic “Switchblade” and “Just Like Zeus,” the album’s best tunes. The disc is lyrically light, occasionally silly, and sometimes even treading into the nonsensical. However, that’s sorta the point: They’re in love; they’re rocking out; they’re simply enjoying themselves. I’m Having Fun Now is a good time for your ears, and hopefully the start of more collaborations between the two lovebirds. 

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