Every Where Is Some Where

FILE UNDER: Pop, politics, power

ROCKS LIKE: Santigold, MC Lars, Lizzo

WHAT'S DIFFERENT: In our Spotified world, the hard-to-classify genre-bending that used to bedevil artists like K. Flay (aka Kristine Flaherty) has now become an asset. Every Where Is Some Where is a suitably expansive title for an album that refines her blend of pop tunefulness, hip-hop cadence and alt-rock attitude into its most potent brew yet. The unifying force is the lyrics, which (like the keynote single “Black Wave”) rage against the dying of the light with a fierceness that’s easy to love, no matter your views.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: You’ll hear plenty of politically-themed records this year, but few will land as close to home as this one. The dubbed-up dystopia of “The President Has A Sex Tape” is less about specific leaders (and sex tapes) and more about the general degradation of the culture, and how it affects us all. A brave and defiant effort. 

OUR PICK: “Black Wave”