Like Moths To Flames

An Eye For An Eye

Ohio’s Like Moths To Flames are sticking with what worked for them last time on the follow-up to 2011’s When We Don’t Exist. A pair of guests pop up (Shane Told of Silverstein sings on “Into The Ground” and Ahren Stringer of the Amity Affliction can be heard on “Lord Of Bones”), and each makes an impression, but the band’s core sound—huge breakdowns; fast, metallic riffs with a surprising degree of melodic fluidity; screamed vocals; dashes of electronic production—remains largely unchanged, and they’re working with producer Will Putney at Machine Shop Productions again, too. Consequently, it might be easy to underrate this album’s virtues; listening to it a third or fourth time, though, reveals that it’s catchier, more anthemic and less dependent on easy “brutality” than its predecessor. LMTF have actually grown as a band in the two years since their debut, something that’s worthy of respect and support. Hell, you should buy any album that has a track title as awesome as “Serpent Herders.”


“Lord Of Bones”