Science and Magic

2015’s answer to Pet Sounds seems to have been delivered by a feline whose talents have been displayed on everything from Meow The Jewels to a zany series of Internet videos. Her latest export “co-produced” by Matt Tobey rockets away from the shaky ground of meme culture and into a different space discovering the intersection between a sugar rush and solid songwriting. “Assimilation” serves up staccato stabs of bright synth-laden energy, accented by chirping noises and bells armed for an inspired trip to the pet store while “Earth Sister” is the track best clawing at Lil Bub’s thesis statement. With its background ripped straight from ’80s video games and its foreground featuring rip-roaring guitar, Science And Magic bridges a gap between goofy nostalgia and a welcome adventure. (JOYFUL NOISE, joyfulnoiserecordings.comJames Cassar

Joyful Noise