Mandroid Echostar’s ‘Coral Throne’ is straight up magic

January 23, 2016
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Mandroid Echostar

Coral Throne

Only a handful of records each year perfectly embody the strengths and hallmarks of an entire subgenre. And Guelph, Ontario’s Mandroid Echostar have curated one of those records in their debut full-length, Coral Throne. The complexity and dexterity shown on the album is unheard of, as guitarists Stephen Richards, Sam Pattison and James Krul spider across the frets on “Hypnos,” complemented by the soaring vocals of frontman Michael Ciccia. Ciccia will no doubt draw comparisons to fellow prog royalty like Mike Patton and Claudio Sanchez, but he still owns the mic in ways all his own on tracks like the haunting epic, “Paladin.” While the individual talents of each member are on display (bassist Adam Richards and drummer Matt H-K shine on “Sacred Fire” and “The Lotus” respectively), the straight-up magic that happens when the elements come together must be heard to be believed. 

Distort Entertainment


Written by Tyler Davidson