Moose Blood

I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time

These U.K. lads sure have a knack for sadness, dragging barely electric chords by vocalist Eddy Brewerton’s leash in the sour-grapes opener “Cherry” before ending with the bend-and-release of “I Hope You’re Miserable.” The fillings of this full-length debut aren’t so low, however. Tracks like “I Hope You’re Missing Me” file them in the same drawer as their soon-to-be tourmates Balance And Composure and Seahaven, all steady hands until the chorus, packed with a spit-particled-punk fervor. “Chin Up” and “Kelly Kapowski” show off the caffeinated yearning of a young band, resembling the early sounds of their countrymen in Basement. “Pups” is their best in show—the jangly, British-born guitar tones with the spirit of emo rock and pace of pop-punk—a trebly and trembling joyride. This debut will pour plenty of gas in the band’s tank.

No Sleep