Neck Deep

Wishful Thinking

Having already made a name for themselves outside the U.K. with catchy, loud-mouthed modern pop-punk across two EPs, Neck Deep’s challenge of a debut full-length has been tackled. “Crushing Grief (No Remedy)” has the boys revving their engines, half-muted like you’re a room away, before they break down the walls like Miley Cyrus’ sledgehammer. “Staircase Wit” takes cues from New Found Glory’s “Truth Of My Youth” with its sugar rush of high strings. The album has stamina in spades: They up the low end in “Mileage,” which tastefully pounds. “Candour,” the emo power ballad with orchestration and female vocals, is strategically saved for last. Only the out-of-place hardcore posturing on “Zoltar Speaks” is one of the album’s rare missteps. There are little surprises on Wishful Thinking, but with that comes little letdown.