New Found Glory

Makes Me Sick

FILE UNDER: Pop-punk icons

ROCKS LIKE: All Time Low, State Champs, Waterparks

WHAT’S DIFFERENT: NFG’s ninth LP is a decidedly more robust affair than 2014’s Resurrection. Rhythm guitar makes a reappearance after a brief, one-album departure, and the sound is rounded out even more with an abundance of ’80s-leaning keyboards, which make songs like “Blurred Vision,” “Cheapest Thrill” and “Call Me Anti-Social” feel like the band hosted a John Hughes movie marathon in the studio. Plus, “The Sound Of Two Voices” is a Jamaican dancehall-inspired number that (shockingly) sorta works.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: At this point, you know what you’re going to get from a New Found Glory album. Still, Makes Me Sick combines the fun factor of albums like Sticks And Stones and Radiosurgery with some of the musical poise and maturity of Coming Home—and, in the process, creates enough slight sonic diversions to give longtime fans something new to enjoy. 

OUR PICK: “Call Me Anti-Social”

FILE UNDER: Modern melodic punk