Ninja Gun

Roman Nose EP

Ninja Gun are something of an outlier in the current punk scene. Though they often tour with punk bands and perform at punk festivals, the Valdosta, Georgia-based quartet have quietly evolved their sound into something much more than a few simple chords and expository lyrics. The band take almost equal influence from ’70s power-pop and classic country, and the end result is often extremely engaging and interesting, such as on the group’s new four-song EP, Roman Nose. The lush production dramatically augments the impact of the instruments; whether it’s layered acoustic guitars and smooth backing vocals (“That’s Not What I Heard”), massive drum fills (“Hot Rain”) or huge, crunchy choruses (“Lepers In Love”), Ninja Gun have never sounded better. The constant is the talented, drawled croon of frontman Johnathan Coody, whose voice carries the title track with a simultaneous sense of vulnerability and aplomb that perfectly suits the song’s weathered aesthetic. If Roman Nose is a precursor for what’s to come on the next Ninja Gun full-length, we’re all in for a treat.

Sabot Productions

“That’s Not What I Heard”