Of Misery And Toil

More damaged and yet more whole than the band's 2007 debut, The New Drop Era, Young Livers' new album, Of Misery And Toil, is a drunken, fucking, bloody paradox. It shouldn't be possible to probe your own guts and ghosts with such precision, especially when your scalpel is this blunt and rusted–but Young Livers pull it off. "A Sad State In Affairs" uses dueling Thin Lizzy leads to drill into the emotional corrosion of Planes Mistaken For Stars' later output; "All The Wretched" ditches the No Idea Records playbook entirely to summon the bruised artistry of Naked Raygun and Mission Of Burma. Hungry, haunted and savagely cathartic, Young Livers have made a total mess of Misery. And it's a beautiful mess.

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