Our Last Night

Age Of Ignorance

This review originally ran in AP 290.

From the opening notes of Our Last Night’s third album, it’s clear the band are of the Artist In The Ambulance-era Thrice-meets-Saosin school of thought. Frontman Trevor Wentworth does his best Cove Reber impersonation with the range God gave him (which unfortunately isn’t high enough for compelling vocal lines), while guitarists Colin Perry and Matt Wentworth chug away, lacking the innovation of Teppei Teranishi or dexterity of Justin Shekoski. The rhythm section is woefully restrained, too, sinking mid-tempo slogs like “Send Me To Hell” and “Reason To Love” from the start. Stranger still is the Linkin Park influence (“Invincible”) and the shockingly great lyrics in the title track—strange only because they’re so mundane everywhere else on the record. The album-closing “A Sun That Never Sets” is a winner, but the odds of anyone making it that deep into the tracklisting are slim.

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“Age Of Ignorance”