Monday, October 15, 2018

Thurston Moore – Demolished Thoughts

Thurston Moore Demolished Thoughts Matador

The Revolting Cocks

The Revolting Cocks Sex-O Olympic-O Al Jourgensen claims that Sex-O Olympic-O is the best album he’s ever made with any of his projects. Whether it is indeed a better...

Die Hoffnung

Die Hoffnung Love Songs Only a decade after their debut can we fence-in the band I Hate Myself with the label "proto-screamo," but it fits: Florida-based brothers Jon...

Portugal. The Man

Portugal. The Man Censored Colors Censored Colors, Portugal. The Man’s third full-length, crackles with the kind of salt-of-the-earth soul inspiration for which most indie bands would hack off their...

Little Barrie – King Of The Waves

King Of The Waves Tummy Touch

Lou Ragland – I Travel Alone

Lou Ragland I Travel Alone Numero Group

The Holy Mess – Comfort In The Discord

The Holy Mess Comfort In The Discord Although they’ve hovered on the fringes of the gruff-punk scene so far, Philadelphia's the Holy Mess deserve more attention—and Comfort In The...

Bouncing Souls – The Gold Record

Bouncing Souls The Gold Record  Although they don’t technically have a gold album, the Bouncing Souls do have almost 20 years in the game; and on The Gold Record,...

Various Artists

Various Artists Extremely Sorry Extremely Sorry doesn’t sound like the soundtrack to a skateboarding movie. Of course, there’s no rule that shredtastic action needs to happen to music that...

Lazer Sword – Memory

Lazer Sword Memory Monkeytown

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