Pin Points and Gin Joints

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones seem to share several qualities with the spirits mentioned in the title of their eighth studio album, Pin Points And Gin Joints–aside from the bottles of Beefeater that appeared on the band's tour rider over the years. Like gin, lead vocalist Dicky Barrett's voice doesn't improve with age. With nearly 25 years fronting the legendary Boston skacore outfit, and a day job announcing for Jimmy Kimmel Live, it's understandable that Barrett's voice doesn't hold up to the same abrasion of heavier, louder Bosstones tunes. Thankfully, PP&GJ reaffirms this band's mastery of upbeat, soulful and melodic ska. "Graffiti Worth Reading" sets the tone for the record by bringing keys into the fold against a bright horn arrangement and lyrics with a subtle political statement. The storytelling tune "Sister Mary" stirs up nostalgia of friendship and causing trouble as a Catholic school student. "I Wrote It" has a completely infectious chorus, however, its lyrical content about borrowing and returning a notebook comes off a little corny. Although PP&GJ is significantly more "ska" than "core," like gin, the more you drink it, the better it tastes.

Big Rig

Graffiti Worth Reading