Relatives In Descent

ROCKS LIKE: The Hold Steady, Life Without Buildings, Pere Ubu

WHAT’S DIFFERENT: This Detroit outfit have restrained their post-punk intentions somewhat, playing with more textured compositions rather than the blunt assault of their earlier material. This proves to be the perfect swirling yet steady backdrop for frontman Joe Casey to spin his cheap beer-fueled freeform yarns of lost souls and tortured romantics.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Much like fellow Midwest brethren Craig Finn (the Hold Steady) and Bob Dylan, Casey has a deep love of language and uses it in an almost Beat poetry fashion on the feverish “A Private Understanding” and “The Chuckler.” But he can aim right to the heart of a song, too, speak-singing a tune that will catch in your throat and mist your eyes even as the guitar/bass/drums rumble below him. 

OUR PICK: “The Chuckler”