Frozen Niagara Falls

This is Dominick Fernow’s most high-profile release in his long career recording under the name Prurient, and it’s akin to an epic compilation of his life’s work. Over the course of two discs and 90 minutes, he experiments in every genre he has tried his hand at over nearly 20 years: gut-throbbing industrial techno (“Traditional Snowfall”), uncompromising noise (the two-part title track), William Basinski-like ambience (“Jester In Agony”) and meditative acoustic black metal (the epic-length closer “Christ Among The Broken Glass”). Through every shift in tone and style, Fernow keeps his focus, connecting these songs with small bits of spoken word that conjure up dark visions of people desperately searching for meaning in an increasingly dismal world. 

Profound Lore

“Jester In Agony”