Anyone wondering if the time since Punchline's last album, 2010's Delightfully Pleased, has dulled the emo-pop band's songwriting skills should check out this album's second track. “Now I See” takes Jimmy Eat World's love of otherworldly simplicity and experimentation to a level that even those pop-rock masters would have to respect. Songs like the excellent “Tell Me How You Sleep” and the Copeland-loving “Telephone Pole” move forward in an undeniably well-written way, with smooth songwriting, catchy instrumentation and just enough ’80s pop influences to keep it absurdly memorable. Just watch out—this is so polished and cute, it's one catchy chorus away from being sold in a drugstore checkout line next to a budget Backstreet Boys' greatest hits CD. (IN VOGUEinvoguerecords.comGreg Pratt

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Now I See