Sounds From The Massachusetts Turnpike

ROCKS LIKE: Knuckle Puck, the Ataris, the Gaslight Anthem

WHAT'S DIFFERENT: Boston’s Rebuilder have slowly been working on creating a body of work that shows different sides to pop punk. This EP has all their usual signifiers—the organ, the Blink-meets-Gaslight vibe (that still veers way more Blink)—but damned if they’re not getting to the point where they’re dropping some great songs now. Check out “The World Is An Asshole” for an example of just how catchy pop punk can get.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The EP format is perfect for a group of high-energy punk songs like this. When the band bursts from the moving highlight “Anchoring” to the upbeat “Get Up” without taking even a slight breather, it rules. Need shade and hue? “This World Is An Asshole” ends somber, and “Nasty Habit” picks up the tempo, but not without a sadness behind the victory. 

OUR PICK: “The World Is An Asshole”

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