Reel Big Fish

Candy Coated Fury

It may seem downright ridiculous that in the year 2012, Reel Big Fish are not only releasing new music, but it sounds like they picked up where they left off in 1997. The thing is, Aaron Barrett and his crew understand this fact better than anyone—and they unabashedly embrace it. Reel Big Fish have not matured. There is no “organic progression.” Candy Coated Fury gives their fans exactly what they want: upbeat ska melodies with upstroked guitars, a brassy horn section and lyrics about being stupid and miserable. “Punisher” is clearly a tune written by a road-ragged ska band, poking fun at the relentless fanboys and fangirls that corner band members and “punish” them with unsolicited questions and critiques on their music. Keeping in line with their late-’90s legacy, “I Know You Too Well Too Like You Anymore” is a carbon copy of “She Has A Girlfriend Now” from their most popular album Turn The Radio Off. The coed insult-slinging duet is always fun—and was a unique idea in 1996. That’s what they’re going for, right? Don’t call it a comeback, Reel Big Fish.

Rock Ridge