Just Surrender

We’re In Like Sin


There are only so many things money can buy-big name producers, lots of studio time, songwriting coaches-but talent isn’t one of them. If it were, Just Surrender went shopping at the wrong mall when they picked up the goods to put We’re In Like Sin together. Translation: Sure, the production is glossy. Sure, there are lots of big choruses, gooey backing vocals and lyrical themes tailor-made for your MySpace quote. But all that doesn’t add up to a pile of smashed Sum 41 CDs if there’s no heart, no pulse and no balls, and sadly We’re In Like Sin is about as inspired as an all-day Flavor Of Love marathon. The opening track, “Body Language And Bad Habits,” is like an indie-ized Papa Roach song that tries, albeit unsuccessfully, to channel the chutzpah of Scary Kids Scaring Kids and the melodicism of All Time Low, but only bores to death. (BROKEN ENGLISH/EAST WEST) Casey Lynch