Sick City



While many aggressive rock bands attempt clean vocals, few do it well-which is why it’s surprising that newbies Sick City nail it their first time out on their full-length debut Nightlife. One of the album’s first indicators of vocal success is “XX & XY,” which showcases the skills of frontman Josh Youngson, who works his formidable range. His prowess also is present in “City Lights,” a piano-driven ballad with a climactic end. One of Nightlife’s best tracks is “Moving, Not Moving Forward,” which boasts a chorus that will be stuck in anyone’s head after only one listen. The quintet have no problem kicking up the intensity, either, as “Millions” begins with a rollicking, metallic guitar riff, layered perfectly with Youngson’s unique voice to create a down-and-out rock song. In a huge sea of mediocre bands making unoriginal sounds, Nightlife is a cut above the rest. (TRUSTKILL; ) Liz Van Pay