Left Alone

Lonely Starts & Broken Hearts

[2/5] It’s funny that on an album loaded with cheesy pop-punk love songs of the bright-eyed (“I got my girl by my side!”) and bitter (“Hey girl! You fucking broke my heart!”) variety, the most eloquent tune is dedicated to a Chevy. “My 62” is a lovely ode to the two-door Nova gregarious Left Alone frontman Elvis Cortez had to sell to fund his jaunt on the 2004 Warped Tour, and it’s catchy and charismatic in a way the rest of Lonely Starts & Broken Hearts isn’t. Unfortunately, nearly every other song is weighed down by clumsy lyrics (you walk out the door, not outside it) and similarly awkward forays into ska. Got any more old beaters you can serenade, Elvis? (HELLCAT) Rob Harvilla