Shy Child

Noise Won’t Stop


After listening to Noise Won’t Stop, the fantastic new disc from New York duo Shy Child, the question is not if these dudes are gonna blow up, but when. Their blend of electro-rock is jam-packed with a sweaty energy that forces you to move your ass. The ridiculously addictive “Drop The Phone” sounds like a lost Afrika Bambaataa/Talking Heads collaboration from the ’80s. The fun continues on “Kick Drum,” a synthy slice of heaven that pairs singer/keytarist Pete Cafarella with Baltimore MC Spank Rock, powered by drummer Nate Smith’s off-the-hook beat. “Murder Capital” and “Summer” add politics to the party, proving there’s substance to match the grooves. But if you still aren’t sold on Shy Child, here’s the kicker: Dude plays a keytar. (KILL ROCK STARS) Eddie Fleisher

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