The Night Marchers

See You In Magic


For anyone disappointed by the not-commanding role that our beloved John Reis took in Hot Snakes, the Night Marchers have been custom-fitted just for you and your desire to re-live the first time you heard Rocket From The Crypt’s Scream, Dracula, Scream!. Taking back lead vocals like he never left center stage, Reis is in fine form from the first swinging declaration of “Closed For Inventory,” a driving rockabilly tune that recalls an aggressive incarnation of Elvis more powerfully than any watered-down modern practitioners. Performing some the best party music for smart people this side of Black Lips, the rest of the band (including two other former Hot Snakes) match Reis’ powerhouse vocal eccentricities with a perfectly calculated degree of rock ’n’ roll swagger, blasting ahead like the Wipers one minute and settling into a slow-burning Bo Diddley groove the next. (SWAMI/VAGRANT) Sam Sutherland

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