Flesh & Fears


Sure, advances in technology has made home recording as easy and affordable as scoring a late-night cheeseburger, but one always has to remain in awe of those able to make recording in their cramped apartments sound like they’re shelling out exorbitant per-hour rates and working with big-name knob-twiddlers-or, in the case of Daphne Loves Derby vocalist Kenny Choi, sound like he’s belting out his mopey, heart-tugging alt-rock on the shores of a babbling creek located deep in a Pacific Northwest gorge. The moniker Wolftron and title Flesh & Fears may elicit thoughts of off-kilter, liquor-and-poker rock, but Choi’s reality is about as far from that as you could imagine as he calls on and caresses his subtle and sparse muses. He sings of love, heartache, self-realization and youthful confusion, set on a backdrop of lush Nick Drake and Elliott Smith inspirations that are more than just stripped-down versions of his day gig. (EYEBALL) Kevin Stewart-Panko

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