Rookie Of The Year

Sweet Attention

Technically their second album as a full band, Rookie Of The Year (who started in 2002 as Ryan Dunson’s solo project) continue to explore various effects and layers as on their 2006 effort, The Goodnight Moon. However, instead of adding levels of diversity to their indie-pop stock pot, the band’s variations on what is essentially the same two or three types of songs end up sounding disorganized instead of interesting. The band are best when they’re experimenting more with lush harmonies; the gang vocals on “Sooner Or Later (The Next Move)” are excellent. However, too many songs try to hard to be “different.” “What Is Love” incorporates a hokey cowbell intro and drum machine segues that seem out of place; and “Vampire Vegas” is straight-up awkward disco. As much as we enjoy bands who think outside the box, ROTY seem to shine most when they stick to beachy ballads and soaring choruses. (ONE ELEVEN) Rachel Lux